8 Mobile photography Tip Every photography should know. #Gidiclass

Last week we started the class on 8 Mobile photography Tip Every photography should know. #Gidiclass


  1. Don’t Use The Zoom

The Phone has a zoom function which you can access by pinching or stretching two fingers on the screen. This brings up a zoom slider which you can slide with your finger to zoom in and get a closer view of your subject.

Unfortunately this is a digital zoom and not an optical zoom. In essence what happens with a digital zoom is that the image is cropped as you zoom in. This results in a noticeable loss in image quality the more you zoom in.


  1. Keep Your Camera Steady

Keeping your camera still is particularly important when taking photos in low light or at night. When you take a photo in these conditions, the Phone camera will need to use a slow shutter speed to allow more light to hit the sensor. The problem with this is that any movement of the camera will result in a blurred image.


  1. Shoot From Different Perspectives

You should always look at alternative points of view when taking your photos at any location. Most beginners will take shots from a standing position, but the beauty of the Phone is that it’s so small and light it can be used in places that a bigger camera wouldn’t work.


  1. Take Multiple Shots

If you see something that catches your eye don’t just take one shot and hope for the best. The chances of getting a good photo with your first shot are very slim. You should take shots from various angles and distances.


  1. Don’t Over-Process Your Photos

Finally, you should resist the urge to use too many apps or overly strong effects when editing your photos. A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking that using photo editing apps will turn a bad photo into a good one. It won’t. I know from experience. I have tried it enough over the years!..

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