Adorable photos of a Tiger bathing her cub

This mother tiger seemed to be struggling as she tried to give her cub a bath in a river in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, but the infant was more interested in splashing around and playing than getting a clean bath.

The adorable photos were captured by a 26 year old software tester and amateur photographer from Mumbai, Ninad Sane, who was visiting the tiger reserve to observe the big cats’ behaviour.

Ninad said: ‘I had been waiting to see the tiger mother and her cubs for a long time before they eventually emerged going down to the river.
‘The mother was in the water with her cub and it immediately started jumping around and splashing, a lot like a human child would do in the water.
‘But the mum had control of it the whole time, even though it just wanted to play. It was really sweet – the mum was very relaxed the entire time.’ 

The doting mum plants a kiss on her child’s mouth before the two head back to dry land. So cute!

Source: Caters News Agency

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