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The new DNC headphone from Infinix is yet another awesome wearable that was newly launched with the X-band. The point here is The Dual noise cancellation (DNC) when making or answering calls. The DNC headphones can power for more than 10-hrs on a full charge and guarantees an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95% with Hi-Fi sound.

What came about the Infinix DNC headphones

Some time in November 2015 when Zero 3 was launched, at the event we were told the company had ceased adding headphones (Handsfree) in their flagships at that time. This was noticed since the release of Infinix Note 2, they felt the headphones were rushed hence had poor quality, according to their CEO the plan now is to separately take their time in making quality Infinix headphones which results to the production of the Infinix DNC headphones.


Model :  Infinix DNC Headphones (XEO2)

Call Microphone :  6*2.2±0.2mm

Speaker :   Ø13.6*2pcs

Plug :   Standard 3.5mm jack

Anc Microphone :  S/N Ratio >60dB

Battery :  105mAh battery

Playback time with DNC:  2.5 Hours Noise Cancellation Playback

Certifications :  RoHS certification

Features :  Dual Noise cancellation,

Standby time :  10 Hours
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