GEM IN THE MUD #Gidiclass

What is a Gem?

In this article, a gem is any precious mineral or item that is highly valued. A gem here also refers to a person with massive potential that is highly sought after.

Mud, in this case, are factors that hold back and limit a gem from reaching its full potential.

Mud could be in the form of slanderous remarks or claims, environmental factors, low self-esteem, etc.

At this point, a Biblical reference comes to me in John 1:46, which states, “Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?”

Most times, we have been belittled by actions or words from those around us, condemned as being a ‘good-for-nothing’ or even being looked at as ‘Can this person amount to anything in life?’
The reference I made above was made by a man who hearing of the Messiah’s origin was disappointed. (he later became a disciple of Jesus)

In the real sense, some of the most precious valuables in the world are gotten from mud. Expensive items like Gold or Diamonds aren’t gotten on the surface; they are gotten deep down in the mud. Do you know the journey of gold before it becomes valuable?

Gold in its original form looks like coal. It is then mined, smelted at over 1,064° C before it becomes the gold we use.

We as humans are gems, filled with a lot of potentials but it is covered in mud which can only be gotten rid of when we are put through the refining process and come out valuable?

Gems are rare to find, and only those that know how valuable they are can get them.

Come out of that mud that is not making you shine, limiting you from reaching your full potential. Though it might not be easy, nothing good comes easy.

Go through recuperating sessions to illuminate the Gem in you. The world is yet to see the hidden potentials in you. Make haste today, because tomorrow is never the best time

I leave you with this quote from Les Brown, You have GREATNESS within you!

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