Colour mixture for indoor and outdoor painting is the most vital part of a building which house owners must consider before choosing the quality of paint he/she wants to apply on the wall
Painting constitutes a small fraction of the initial cost of a building and a much higher proportion of the maintenance cost

It’s important to note the shade of colours that conforms to a particular colour, some basic colours for painting that can be combinede together are listed below;

 Pale blue + Pink

 Royal Purple + Pale blue

 Brown + Cream

 Orange + Pink

 Pink + White

 Grey + White

 Lavender + Blue

 Purple + Green

 Green + Brown

 Blue + Grey

 Royal Purple + White

 Olive Green + White

 Gray + Yellow Gold

 Clay + Chocolate Brown

 Reddish Brown + Cream

 White + Dark Chocolate

 Dark Grey + Light Grey

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