IKEJA BOOTCAMP – Coding and Design

Within an interval of fifteen years (2000-2015), there has been over 1.4Million technical job created across the country: according to national bureau of statistic, but funnily, only 3% of these created jobs are been acquired by Ladies…

And as the Technical space is getting more and more sophisticated, the female folks will even find it much more difficult to secure a good fraction of the pie from the industry, except an immediate action us considered.

Our stand with the SheCode project, is to increase the chances of that pie for female in tech for job security across the country, from a 3% across fifteen (15) years to 10% within seven (7) years, through a conscious module tagged CODE (Coding and Designs).

The vision is focused around YOU…!

It is estimated that in 2025, there will be over one million new technical jobs created and Ladies are highly marginalized for these jobs but we want to opposed that by increasing female chances in the industry.

To participate in our very first Bootcamp, you stand the chance to learn Mobile App/Game Development and Solutions, Users Interface/Experience, Programming Logic and many more.

Why not checkout this link to register for SheCodes Ikeja Bootcamp.

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