Infinix Legendary Pen #TakeCharge

The Mobile digital pen is a high-quality smart pen that resembles something you’d find in a nice executive pen set. It enables you to capture and save a digital version of your notes and drawings.

The main advantage this electronic pen has over others is its ability to write notes on your mobile without the need to purchase a special notepad

You can use any notebook or paper with this digital pen because it uses a small receiver to scan whatever you are jotting down as you write.
Not only that, this digital pen doesn’t have to be paired with a smartphone or tablet while it’s in use.

One unique feature that this pen has that no other electronic pen offers is the ability to be a computer mouse.Then you just push a button on the pen to enable mouse mode. When you move your wrist your computer’s pointer will move simultaneously. Just press the pen on a surface and it will mimic clicking.

All in all, this digital pen does exactly what the manufacturer says it does.

Watch out something Big is coming ..#Takecharge

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