Introducing Infinix Wearable Technology-Xband ( A Smart Watch) #InfinixMobile

Infinix Mobility is proud to announce the arrival of 1st smart watch to be released  soon!!
The Infinix Smart watch is also known as  X-band (XBO1) , it features a number of exciting features that make it the perfect wearable device for owners of Infinix devices.
One of the highlighted features of the smart watch is that you can use it as a Bluetooth receiver.
Other features include: waterresistance to a depth of 50m, shockproof and vibration proof.

It is designed with outdoor lifestyle of trendy youths in mind.  It is the ultimate smart band for those who are fashionable and want the smart watch to work with their attire as it comes in 2 fashionable colours of black and brown, to complement your other fashion accessories.

The X-band  is very comfortable and light weight and ensures a perfect fit with it’s the rubber strap.The X-band features a small digital display which shows time, date and other notifications, its long battery life is appealing and is fast charge enabled.
For those into sports, the X-band offers exciting features whether you are a sprinter, golfer or cyclist.
Below are the specifications of the X-band . Make sure you grab yours immediately it hits the stores.
Xband Specification

Talk Time: 5Hrs
Standby Time: 150 Hrs
Weight : 26.7kg
Ultra thin screen with smart touch
Wireless syncing
Vibrations, reminders, timer,water resistance,
Battery life: 100mAh


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