I-Life Zed AIR PC -Sleek + Stylish i life PCs for Naija!

Let’s take a break from the big names, shall we? And – to make that statement pay off even more (pun intended) – let’s take a break from spending too much. Because this time around, we have a couple of suggestions for those of you in need of a Laptop and All-in-One(AIO) computer. And oh, these are really affordable suggestions, The Zed AIR PC and the Zed AIR PRO PC .ZedAir

For the first time in Nigeria we have a Celeron, 500 GB laptop with GENUINE WINDOWS at less than 82,000 Naira and an All-in-One PC with Windows at 110,000 Naira.

I-Life Digital Technologies prides itself as a maker of nice PCs at prices that will raise your eyebrows not because they’re expensive, but because they’re quite the opposite, with a really thin laptop and unique AIO – way, way, below what we’d usually spend for either.

But, of course, don’t expect the highest-end parts crammed into these devices: a little strip-down here, slap some decent pieces there and – voila! – you have something that works for you from the company, which is, by the way, based in Miami.

ZedAir H2

While not exactly the thinnest – its 16.2mm thinness pales in comparison to the likes of the HP Spectre’s 11.69mm and the MacBook Air’s 12.95mm – the ZedAir H2 is still a comfy 14-inch laptop to carry around (obviously, it’s also a bit heavier). Make no mistake, though: it’s a performer.Zed AIR

Its steely, simple-looking frame houses a number of ports, including two USBs (one each for 2.0 and 3.0), micro-HDMI, microSD and, of course, 3.5mm audio. The keyboard, meanwhile, may feel different for some of us: initially, I thought the keys were too elevated, but after running through it for some time, I discovered that the keys were a bit further away from each other compared to other keyboard layouts. It may work for some and take some adjustment for others.

This Zed AIR is Windows 10-powered machine doesn’t have a full-HD display at only 1366 x 768, but it’s still bright enough and won’t strain your eyes.

As far as the innards go, an Intel Celeron chip serves as its brain. Though lags are few and far in between, putting it side-by-side with a higher-specs like i3, i5 and i7’s will show you the obvious difference in speed.

Which brings us to the biggest beef of all: while it does have a fair 3GB of RAM, its storage is 500 GB HDD and 32GB SSD, your windows 10 sits on SSD making the booting speed faster and easy maintenance, that is Zed AIR.

Zed PC

It’s a short name, but the Zed PC justifies it; anyway, it’s an all-in-one computer – and portable, to the strictest sense

Not that you have to carry around this 17.3-inch full-fledged device, but it’s lightweight enough to easily move it anywhere at home or in the office, or even stowed in a bag and carried off somewhere.

Taking cues from the ZedAir H2, the Zed PC has a responsive touchscreen, but with a slightly better 1600 x 900 resolution. It’s also powered by Windows 10 and an Apollo Lake CPU, AKA Intel Celeron (apologies for the technicalities there). We have here, though, slightly lesser ports: two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, microSD and 3.5mm audio; not surprising not to see a mini-HDMI or a Type-C slot.

Behind the device is a swiveling hinge, which is the sole reason that makes the device stand. Initially, I balked at the idea at why it had to be swung all the way down from the top when it could have rested below, but then I realised that it was better that way as you can adjust it at any angle you would want. And you can also use that hinge to carry the Zed PC around, just like a fruit basket or something (just for fun, really; I’d recommend carrying it as you would since it might, well, cause some damage to it)

Its 2500mAh battery, meanwhile is built-in so you don’t have to spend extra bucks for a UPS.

For all its specs, it still was able to blurt out a decent performance. Watching movies, in particular, was nice. And it’s so easy to shift from one place to another; I found it very useful in my kitchen, especially when I’m about to butcher ingredients and I need to carve out space for the carnage that’s about to happen – without sacrificing what I’m looking at on the screen.


Surprise, and no surprise. As they fall under the same value proposition, both the ZedAirH2 and Zed PC – to no one’s surprise – will not exactly keep up with the bigwigs if this were a race. However, the surprise is that it’s actually better than some other brands that are more expensive than them. They’re good devices for the entry-level: students, kids and even those who are looking to buy a laptop that is trendy and within your budget. And of course, think of the hundreds – even thousands – of Naira you’ll be able to save.

How Much Is Zed Air H2 and Zed PC In Nigeria?

Zed Air H2 = N82,000

Zed PC = N110,000.

Where Can I buy this from:

Office Everything: Just walk into Office Everything stores or call In-store or Call 0700-900-9000

Order online at Amaget;

Zed Air H2;  Amaget AGENT

Zed PC: Amaget AGENT

Or visit Computer village and you can find it at

You can purchase these amazing pcs by calling the below contacts.


Wilms Imaging- 08062613838

Brightlinks – 08034420449

Large Michaels- 08033009977

Harmony Real Plus-08137653926

Genuss Computers- 08103610737

Office Everything-08126301756

Amaget – 08025555735.

About I-Life Technologies Inc.
I-Life Digital is one of the leading consumer electronics company in Middle East, CIS and Africa. Over the past 5 years, I-Life has pioneered the democratization of technology for masses by offering affordable innovations through their product offerings and removing barriers for large scale adoption of advanced technologies.

I-Life is currently one of the largest mobility vendors in Middle East, CIS and Africa. The brand’s product portfolio embraces more than 60 models today, ranging from feature rich, dual – Feature phones, 3G Android smartphones, tablets, Intel Powered 2 in 1 devices, Laptop and Smart Watch.

  1. 802.11ac is an optional feature. The product is based on an IEEE 802.11ac draft specification. Performance referred to theoretical peak speeds is based on comparison with 802.11n products. Speed and range will be less if an 802.11a/b/g product joins the network. Actual speed will vary based on range, connection rate, site conditions, size of network, and other factors.
  • Specification:
Product Code: o    i-Life ZedAir H2
Brand: o    i-Life
Processor o    Intel Celeron Dual Core 1.1 GHz Upto 2.4Ghz
Memory o    3GB RAM
Storage o    500 GB | 32 GB eMMC Storage |
Graphics o    Intel HD Graphics500 (12EUs 650MHZ)
Display o    14” (1366 x 768) HD Display
Audio o    1 x 3.5 mm mini jack
Web Camera o    0.3 Mega Pixel
Networking o    Interface Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n | Interface Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 |
Interface o    External Memory 1x micro SD card up to 64GB | Support Data Transfer Support USB2.0*1, USB3.0*1 | Flash Card Supported 64GB Micro SD Card |
Battery o    4800mAh Battery Current Capacity, 6 Hours Backup
Operating system o    Windows 10
Manufacturer Warranty o    01 Year Warranty
Description Buy i-Life ZedAir H2 14 Inch Laptop At Best Priceo    Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor 1.1 GHz Upto 2.4Ghz

o    3GB RAM

o    32GB EMMC Storage

o    500GB HDD

o    Windows 10 Genuine

o    14” HD Display

o    Flash Card, Support USB2.0*1, USB3.0*1, 1x micro SD card up to 64GB

o    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

o    Battery Non stop 6 hrs

o    Color: Silver



Zed PC

 CPU  Intel Celeron (Apollo Lake N3350), up to 2.4GHz; Intel Graphics 500
 Memory  3GB
 Storage  32GB + 500GB
 Display  17.3″ HD 10-point multitouch, 1600 x 900
 Platform  Windows 10
 Front camera  2MP
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; USB 2.0/3.0, microSD up to 64GB, 3.5mm audio
 Battery  2500mAh

Goodies – So affordable (again), generous storage, bright screen

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