What is Mobile photography #Gidiclass

Last week we gave you the meaning of Mobile Photography click here to read

So, what are the characteristics of mobile photography?

– it is inherently mobile i.e. there is no studio or staged shots

– it is photography made exclusively by a smartphone or mobile device

– it is non exclusive in its choice of subject matter

– camera apps dominate the mobile photography experience

– fast editing on the fly is commonplace, no deliberation here

– editing apps, usually used together, combine to produce and showcase ‘keepers’

– genres can cover: documentary, portraiture, street, citizen journalism, fashion and reportage

– images tend to be instantly shared to a variety of social networks after editing

– or images are shared in specialist photo sharing platforms like Instagram

– mobile photography makes photographic projects and essays easier to produce

– mobile art convergence i.e. when does a photo cease being a photo but a new image in of itself?

– images can be captioned, framed and storyifd

– it encourages a democratic and amateur enthusiasm (which pissed of pros!)

– it has a strong and growing global footprint of users, experts and evangelists

– micro genres are formed frequently e.g #nofilter

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