No home button in the New iPhone 7 Design

It has become key to every iPhone and iPad – but apple could kill off the home button, it has been claimed. The move would allow the entire front of the gadgets to become a screen. Instead of a button, fingerprint sensors would be built into the screen to allow the firms Touch ID system to work.

This new smartphone has been said to have a whole new look with the glass design. This may be right, because LG (one of the biggest display providers to Apple) announced that they have just develop a new display technology. This new technology will allow smartphone manufacturers to place a fingerprint scanner right on the display glass.

This new display allows users to scan their finger anywhere on the glass screen, therefore the new display would be likely a form of biometric fingerprint recognition instead of physical button. A flush home button made of liquid metal is also a prediction. It would be recessed when pressed but would recover to original shape.

No home button in the New iPhone 7 Design

With LG’s new fingerprint technology in conjunction with Apple’s 3D Touch on the glass screen, the home buttons is needless. The home button has been always there in the very first day of iPhone since 2007. And users get use to pressing it to return to the home screen. Now, without the home button, it may be a little hard for users at the first time. However, they will get used to it soon.

An extraordinary smartphone: iPhone 7

Not only the home button, but the headphone jack also will be eliminated, according to DigiTimes and Storm (Chinese websites). This iPhone is gonna be a dustproof and waterproof smartphone with a dual-lens camera. These iPhone new specs make it worth to wait. Since Apple has kept prices unchanged for its past two iPhone releases, the IP7 price is supposed to start at £539 going up to £699 for the 128 GB model.

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