OMG!!! This Nigerian Lady Want To Sleep With An HIV Positive Man In Dubai For $15,000

According to our Source, The DM of the girl was leaked from instagram and the Conversation with the HIV positive goes viral.

The Man was asking the girl if she can come down to Dubai for Anal S*x and Coprophilia (This means love of feaces, Sh!t). The man in question is an HIV Positive patient and the babe is not even afraid self.

The girl informed the man she is an Anal Virgin, this means nobody has ever had s*x with her through the anus before, but she agreed to do it anyway.

See the Screenshots of the leaked DM below:-

Message 1


Message 2


Message 3


Say no to Such Reckless life because of Money!!!!

Nigerians, What do you have to say about this?

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