I have come to understand that smile has a lot of impact on human life but most people find it difficult to wear a smiling face. Smile is a gift you can give every day so as to brighten your day, for your smile to affect people positively you must learn to smile at yourself.
Chuck Swindoll said” Of all the things God created, I am most grateful He created laughter”
Smiling at yourself brings out the real you which motivate people around you, one of the single most powerful thing you can do to have influence over other’s is to smile at them. You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile, smiling at people helps them to solve their emotional difficulties which finally make them to smile back at you.
A smile is an asset, a frown is a liability, some people grin and bear it, and others smile and change it. Discovery has found out that it takes lesser muscles to smile and more muscles to frown. The muscle utilized during frowning makes an individual to look older than his/her age while smiling makes an individual brighter and younger than his/her age.
Smiling-being happy and enthusiastic is always a choice not a result and it improves your personality and other opinion of you.
John Mason said “A laugh a day keeps the negative away”
Helen Keller suggested “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow” A smile is a powerful positive weapon with which you use to attack life. You will rarely succeed at anything unless you have fun doing it.
IN CONCLUSION: You can never wear smile on peoples face when you have not wear it on yourself, a life without smile is a life full of negativity.


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