The Review: KingWear KW18 Smartwatch phone

The smartwatch is the mother of all smartphone accessories. It can tell the time, of course, but it can also beam important notifications straight to your wrist, and run native apps.

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch

A smartwatch should be stylish and useful. A good smartwatch like KingWear KW18 Smartwatch makes a person’s day easier and helps you accomplish small tasks, like marking an email “read” or checking into a flight with a QR-code boarding pass.


Why get a KingWear KW18 Smartwatch? They deliver smartphone notifications, fitness features, apps and more to your wrist, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket, without missing important alerts.

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch


Main Features of KingWear KW18 Smartwatch phone:

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch
Phone book, message sync
With independent SIM card slot to achieve phone functions, the smart watch can sync your contacts and message
1.3 inch touch screen
1.3 inch IPS touch screen, very hard and anti-scratch, the combination of high quality and fashion
Sleep monitor
Can Effectively monitor your sleep quality, including your sleep times and sleeping depth, which helps you to develop a healthy lifestyle
The smart watch can record your steps, distance and calorie consumption to get enough exercise at the same time to avoid overexertion
Sedentary reminder
Prolonged sitting is a common problem for office worker groups. Wearing this smart watch, it can be set a period time to remind you to take a break for relaxing your body
Card type: One Micro card slot
Compatible OS: Support iOS and Android OS
Note: Please note that some functions cannot support iOS for now


KingWear KW18 Smartwatch phone price is $62.02, but now, it is sold globally, affordable price! You can see KingWear KW18 Smartwatch has the diverse strategies when selling their smartwatch

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