Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor: Dual-Camera Setup, 4k Display

Samsung Galaxy S7 is still very much the Korean giant’s best device so far and Galaxy S8 may not be launched until next year. This simple fact has not been able to stop the first wave of rumors about the upcoming device hitting the internet. Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rumored to feature a 4k display which some might see as an overkill. And just like the iPhone 7 Plus, this device will likely feature a dual-camera setup.

The need for 4k display

Samsung Gear VR shows how serious Samsung takes virtual reality. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 2k display which is quite sufficient for viewing immersive content. However, if virtual reality content on mobile is going to be as quality as what’s available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, a 4k display on a mobile phone sounds


At the last CES, Samsung showed off a 5.5″ mobile screen with 4k display. This has been rumored to be the screen to be fitted on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Dual-camera setup

Even though  dual camera setup has be proven to offer a great improvement to mobile photography, neither Apple nor Samsung has any device with this technology. However, devices from OEMs like Huawei and LG with dual-camera and great photography capabilities have shown us why flagships need to have this.

 Apple is rumored to be fitting two cameras at the back of its iPhone 7 Plus and if this happens, it’s almost certain Samsung will do the same thing to get even and keep the competition going.

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