@SmirnoffNg Rocks Lasgidi #SmirnoffHouse

“You’re missing if you are not here” was an Instagram post by a fan that obviously couldn’t contain his excitement when Smirnoff threw the much anticipated Lagos house party last Saturday.

The party was held on the same day as the Champions league final and Smirnoff made it possible to party and watch the match….At the same time!


The party started at 7pm and shocker!! Lagosians were actually on time, no African time when you know the turn up will be real.


If you are new to the red cup life, this stack of cups may surprise you but this is standard for Smirnoff. Cups never run out and the drinks never go dry!



What are they looking at? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s the match that kept some of the football fans glued to the screen. Please score!



Let’s give you a tip, always infuse karaoke into your house party. If people can sing its entertaining, if they can’t its extremely funny, talk less of the supporters club that always comes with the Karaokee singers like our friend wearing the cap.


For some, it’s never that serious, football match “Not my business” Karaoke “I’ll pass” but an opportunity to catch up with the girls “Oh yeah!”



Did we forget to mention Dj Spinall was on ground? He had to take a break from his booth and join the party.




When all is said and done Smirnoff lovers had a great time and that’s what it’s all about. Anytime you hear there’s a #SmirnoffHouse party you better turn up because you know it’s going to be turnt.

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Join the after party, buy a bottle of Smirnoff HERE and get it delivered to you for free.

Remember you have to be 18+ to party with Smirnoff

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