Bringing your products or services to the market can be a daunting task in the ever busy and distracting digital world.

The question then remains, how do you market your product to get the attention of your potential customers? How will they even know it exists?


Standing out from your competitors will cost you the following:


  1. HAVE A MESSAGE: You must have a unique message that you pass to your audience. This is your unique selling point. The moment you identify this, boom!!! You are good to go.


  1. VALUE: Your customers or intending customers must find value in what you present to them.


  1. KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: You are not in the market for everyone. Identify the people who understand that value you bring to the table and are willing to pay for it, they are your community.


  1. BE WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS: Knowing your target audience is not enough, you must identify where they are, what social media platforms they use etc.


  1. BE RELEVANT: Another key ingredient to standing out from the competition is making your brand relevant. No one associates with a brand that they do not connect with.


  1. 10 O’CLOCK NEWS: Let your audience always anticipate what you have in store for them.


  1. BE DIFFERENT: You need to choose your voice. The ability to be different (with great value and relevance) makes you stand out from the crowd. With this, you have created the binding force between you and your customers.


  1. TRANSPARENCY: Your brand must not promise what you can’t deliver. Its even better to promise less and deliver more than the customer anticipated. Let who/what you are be known at all times.


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