I started doing Radio and Television presenting right from Secondary school -IY

The entertainment industry no doubt has been growing, with new talents coming on board to change the way things are done as well as add their own values in moving the industry forward. IYOBOSA OSAKUE popularly called IY is one guy that has kept his game on and have said no going back till he gets to the promise land. In an interview with V-SIX EJECHI, he shared his experience(s) and challenges in the industry, as well as his relationship status.


What are your outlooks to life?

I believe in putting my hands in the dirt and getting the work done, I believe in God being the total controller and so I put him in everything I do. I also believe I don’t have to be dirty (Given in to crime and illegality) to succeed. I always give positive vibes and support people as much as I can, it doesn’t take anything for my candle to light another person’s candle.

At what point did you settle with the media as an OAP/Actor, when did the hustling start for you in the industry?

Firstly, the low you ebb thinks you are currently is another person’s prayer point. What many people don’t know is that, I studied Physiology at Ambrose Alli University, Epokma. Entertainment is not something that stops you from studying anything, infact most people find and discover themselves in the school environment. I saw a photo of me as a kind hosting a birthday party recently and some joy erupted in me.  So it’s been long really, plus I did music back then, let’s say I am still doing music, did  radio and Television  presenting in secondary school, not to even forget church, where I started from basically.


Have you ever been pressured that the “big blow” is not coming faster?

Yeah, and there is no way around that. There is no formula to even say I now understand this thing so much and I don’t feel the pressure no more. You will constantly have that pressure as far as you are a progressive person. But how you cope and handle it is down to your value system, as much as I want a lot of things running faster, I won’t want a juju kind of push.


How has been your experience in the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

Nothing different from real life and growing a career in any other industry we find ourselves. Work, tears, pain, almost want to give up, infact give up and the next day you are back in it.

Against all the odds, what kept you going?

Dreams! I have loads of stuffs in my bucket list and I have marked stuff off, and that I have marked some is enough encouragement that I will mark more which will become reality and most importantly, I keep dreaming some more. Another thing is bills (smiles), when you see the bills to pay, you get encouraged. You stop working because you are tired and frustrated and hanger will just kill somebody’s pikin.

What will you regard to as your worse moment in the industry?

(Smiling) I’m not even in yet as a super mega star and you want me to be saying worse moment. Well I would say the moment of regrets will be shooting so low at some point i.e. aiming low, allowing creative materials I made lay in memory cards and hard drives for too long. And the bad part of this is that. I am still guilty and I have not changed. So this is kind of what people call present continuous regrets.


What position is IY as regards relationship, Single, Dating or complicated?

I am technically single and with the price of sex doll coming through now, we just have to wait for china version (Laughing). But in a more serious note, I doubt if my position of being single will change anytime soon till marriage proper. I personally think relationship, love and family and all that are meant to be very private and confidential stuffs that we should really play very low on.

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