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It’s no doubt that inactivity can lead to a numberof health and personal issues, including weight gain and  even low productivity in school, work anddaily life. Conversely, constant activity can prevent and may even reverse manyof these issues. The Xband (XBO1) makes fitness easier. With the smart watch,users can track steps, calories and distance travelled. The Xband also offersGPS tracking to map your distance and pace. Here are the top 5 health benefitsof using the Smart watch.
Personal accountability – Withthe Xband the only person you’re truly competing against is yourself! The smartwatch track your goals and your progress, psychologically encouraging you towalk more steps than you did yesterday; to run faster than you did yesterday.Did you know that research shows that wearing a fitness tracker can increase a user’sactivity levels by 30 percent!
Individually-tailored goals – Maybeyou’re a season 5km runner but looking to get into the 10km and eventuallyhalf-marathon scene? Perhaps you haven’t gone for as much as a walk around theneighbourhood for 3 years. It makes sense before running half-marathon that youcan, at the very least, run a 5km and 10km. The Xband allows you to keep trackof kilometres covered daily, weekly and monthly. This helps you to setrealistic individual goals.
Up-to-date weight loss tool – Asyou’re busy trying to beat and maintain your personal records, you may not evennotice the gains (or well, losses) you’re making in your weight goal. With the smartwatch regardless, seeing your activity levels, noticing whether you’re on theright tailored weight loss zone after a few weeks can determine whether or notyou’re on the right track to your desired weight and subsequently improve yourfitness level.
Everything you need in one – Withthe Xband there’s no need to open an app or worry about whether or not you haveenough battery to have multiple apps open; the smart watch will automaticallysync tracking activity via Bluetooth to your smart phone.


Share your experience – Whilepersonal motivation is ultimately a key component of physical activity. TheXband offers you an option to share and also enjoy the benefits of posting youractivities on social media. So get the Smartwatch and be fit!
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