Top 5 Good Songs With Equally Good Videos

I have always been the kind of person who loveeeeessss a good song and when I say a good song I mean a lasting, well written record, not the lazy lyric lased records being blasted everywhere.

Now, am not in anyway saying I do not like those other kinds of song, but what can I say, me love deep nicely written and brilliantly produced records and even more of a love lorned person when good visuals accompany such record.

Our top 5 good songs with equally good videos are picked based on the fact that they not help you confront your everyday struggle and the wins that comes with it but also make you dance like you are in an Olamide concert and absolutely no one is watching you.

This list is in no particular order.

Kiss Daniel/ Mama: This song is amaaazing….this young and obviously calm and humble fellow bought me over to his side with this beautifully written song and even had me swooning all over him with the visual.

Perfect gentleman and all. Clean visuals, beautiful story line and just about above average make believe act from the the stars of the video.

Funny it is strangely calming and refreshing to a young man like Kiss Daniel, be more involved and right there while playing a committed boyfriend character and of course not needing to show an half clad lady playing with a pillow in his bed before suffering a major accident while trying to hurry back and continue the dump and cliche kinda lover’s play.

He did a good job in subverting whatever criticism you might have of his performance.

2. Tiwa Savage/If I Start To Talk: Need I say more about this epic emotion inducing masterpiece!!!!!!? The diva returned in the same greatness she first employed in warming her way into our hearts.

Tiwa proved with this video, that despite the everyday hardship and struggle anyone might be going through, one day with the help of the most high, that person will come out top. She once more showed how innovative and creative she could be with this video.

Tiwa with the creative prowess of Clarence Peters, gave us different levels of creativity.

Tiwa’s performance showed just how normalized everyday brutality, harassment, pain and hurt people endure everyday can one day turn out to be a story they will tell with the gold crown sitting comfortably and stylishly on their head.

3. Timi Dakolo/The Vow: This man here once again reaffirmed my faith and hope that good music in Nigeria isn’t just a dream. Yes, Mr.Timi, is that good. This video takes a complex approach to a dicey but yet simple topic (Marriage).

His ability to show everyone that marriage can be fun and blissful should one be tied with his or her heartthrob is beyond beautiful.

Timi, made it certain to show everyone that yes indeed, even the black man sometimes have doubts before tying the knot (A thing am certain) most Nigerian still feel is foreign and can only be seen in foreign movies) Cobhams and his wife, Ojuola’s masterful hands/brain on this epic song is beyond iconic…one word……..evergreen!!!

4. Olamide/Abule Sowo: Well there is a reason he is called baddo. His ability to declare power and style on any record is amazing and of course, Olamide brought it once more in this song.

Loved the location this video was shoot, the costume were beautiful so was his baddo sneh attitude…all on point. Abule Sowo, was Olamide’s way of telling everyone he is more than just the usual, he can be king on other kinds of songs.

5. Omawumi/Play Na Play: Screaming costumes, custom, vocals, artistes, visuals… word…Perfection!!!! Omawumi in this video looks like a person from history who has come to the future to reflect and place her imprint once more on the vast and even larger river of creativity before us. Beautiful song, even beautiful video.

Have good songs/videos you think should make this list…oya now, put it in the comment box and lets discuss.

Written By: Tope Delano

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