Using the powerful Win+X menu to Shutdown or Restart Your Computer in Windows 10


Other than going through the Start menu, using this powerful shortcut button really safe time and the stress of pushing your mouse around just to shut down or restart your computer in Windows 10. So if you are complaining about the difficulty finding a way to shut down your computer you are not doing it right.

What Is The WinX Menu?

The WinX menu is named this way by many websites just because Microsoft has not given it an official name. Others have name it the power user menu. Today, almost everyone is using its default keyboard shortcut to name it: Windows + X. If you are using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, press these keys and see what happens.


Using the powerful Win+X menu

Right-click the Start button or press Win+X keyboard shortcut to bring up the Win+X menu, go to Shut down or sign out, then choose either Shutdown or Restart.

Below you can see a screenshot of this menu in Windows 10


As you can see, it includes the following shortcuts:

  • Programs and Features – Opens the Program and Features window from where you can change, repair and uninstall desktop applications.
  • Power Options – Opens the Power Options window where you can change the active power plan.
  • Event Viewer – Opens the Event Viewer. You can learn more about this tool and how it works, from this guide:The Basics About Working with the Event Viewer in Windows.
  • System – Opens the System window where you can learn basic information about your computer or device .
  • Device Manager – Opens the Device Manager.
  • Network Connections – Opens the Network Connections window from which you can change the properties of your network connections.
  • Disk Management – Opens the Disk Management tool.
  • Command Prompt – Opens the Command Prompt.
  • Command Prompt (Admin) – Opens the Command Prompt with administrative permissions.
  • Task Manager – Opens the Task Manager.
  • Control Panel – Opens the Control Panel.
  • File Explorer – Opens File Explorer.
  • Search – Opens the Search charm.
  • Run – Opens the Run window.
  • Shut down or sign out – Opens a menu with the following options: shut down, restart, sleep and sign out. Accessing this menu is also one of the fastest ways to shut down Windows.
  • Desktop – Takes you to the Desktop, which is not exactly useful since, in most cases, you will access this menu from the Desktop.

Now that you know what the WinX menu is, how it works, how to access it and its evolution in the different versions of Windows, don’t hesitate to try it out and let us know how well it works for you. Do you use it on a regular basis?

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