WhatsApp Video Calling, Zip Sharing And Other New Features Might Be Included In Future Update

There are now growing rumours about WhatsApp adding video call support over the last few days. Users who help translate WhatsApp into various languages have been receiving words like “Video call” and “Video calling is unavailable at this time,” so yeah, it’s guaranteed that video calling is coming our way soon.

Translation strings have also revealed a new feature to send group invited via links and NFC tags and QR codes without having to manually invite people through their phone numbers.

Voice calling has been available for more than a year now, and they’re now planning to add a voice mail feature to it. Pretty useful when you call someone on WhatsApp and don’t get a reply.

After the addition of document sharing, the feature would only send PDFs and TXT files, docs & sheets. According to sources, ZIP and VCF (contact cards) sharing will soon be allowed in WhatsApp.
This will allow users to compress files before sending them.

With all this new features added, we might see an extinction of WhatsApp mods like GBwhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus.

Source Ayoproxy

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