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  1. How good and ready am I?

If you don’t learn then you cannot improve yourself, so continuous learning gets us ready in unveiling our potential. Before you set out to utilising your potential, you must understand your level of preparedness or else one will experience a shipwreck as the journey get intense.

  1. Where exactly am I needed?

Your potential and preparedness will be a key pointer to where you are needed. You don’t want to be on the top of the ladder in a specific field and you realise that you are on the wrong ladder. To know if you are needed, you must first harness your potential and improve on yourself via continuous learning. You must also consider your values, do they resonant with the opportunities that come your way.

In conclusion, you can only find your place if you yourself is ready to work, learn to stand out from the crowd and make an impact like people who have writing their name in the sand of times.

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