In a world with a vast number of manufacturing industries and millions of unregistered (illegal) industries, are you still contemplating as to “Where you are needed”?

Well, only those with short foresight won’t be able to tell what the direction of this evolving world is in years to come. Even if your foresight is short and your mindset is shallow, would you still be among the “lookers and followers of anywhere life leads me to I will follow”? Don’t you want to be the author of your own life? Sometimes we think life is leading us and we are unaware of the fact that we are only following trends.

Many young people, however are confused because they are yet to find the purpose of existence and they lack direction to their desired future. If you are one of the people with the opinion that I will when I’m done with school, that’s when I will identify what is next for me, I’m sorry you’ve just turned your youthful down the drain. From teenage-hood, you should have a glimpse into the aspect of life you can grow your potential to the maximum.

Successful people did not become successful overnight, it took years of discovering, improving and investing in their potential.

Three things to know where you are faced with the reality of WHERE AM I NEEDED.

  1. What is my potential?

The word Potential comes from the root words “potency” and “potent” and refers to all the things you can be successful at if you develop and use your gifts, talents and natural abilities.

In many cases, it is easier to discover what we do best by observing what others struggle with but comes to us naturally. If you don’t know what you possess then you can’t give out what you don’t have. You should be able to identify skills, talents and knowledge that are locked up on this inside of you. Without the knowledge of these, you will settle down wherever life drops you and you wouldn’t have maximised your potentials.


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